Students of the SICC have a creation to make donuts

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    Students of the SICC have a creation to make donuts

    Thursday,  May 28 2015 students of Cendekia Islamic Junior High School carried out a practical examination on sience subject.

    One of the tests was to make donuts. Each group of the students was obliged to making a splendid and interesting donut, the most interesting and splendid donut got the best score under teacher’s supervision,

     some of students who joined this event were mutia and mutiara.they came from the 8 th grade D, mutia said “ she was very glad to have joined such a practical examination”. It was the first time she had made donut,

    Another student called Asti, from 8 th grade D said that “ It was very difficult to make splendid and interesting donut. Unfortunatelly the donut that she made was not welldone enough, so that the score from the teachers was not good enough, although the shape or her donut looked very interesting,

    ustadz Akhrie had opportunity to evaluate the student’s donut creation. Another donut which was scored by ustds akhri was salwa’s donut, unfortunatelly her donut was not completed when she was asked why her donut was not completed, she answered : “ the ingridient is not so good, sir ! ”

    making donuts