Practical Test On The SICC Irama Gymnastic

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    Practical Test On The SICC Irama Gymnastic

    Before the upgrading test gets started, the students of Cendekia Islamic Junior High School have to join practical test, it dependts on the subject such as science. Its practical test is to make donut. For the subject of art and culture, the students are supposed to create miniature of house, while gymnastic is carried out for the subject of P.E.

    Teacher of P.E called Mr.Acep Said that there were 50 movements on the Irama Gymnastic which should be learned by the students. All praise is due to Allah, most of them could do it well.Duration of such a Gymnastic took more or less 27 minutes.

    He said that one of the most favorite subjects was P.E since it is always carried out outdoor so that the students were more enthusiatic and excited. (Akhrie Rabbani)